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DIY Party Idea – Fancy Platters

July 21, 2014

This idea is SO cute and SO easy!  In order to make my daughter’s upcoming princess party super fancy I am making a bunch of fancy platters to dress up the dessert table.

All it takes is three things:

  • A pretty plate
  • A pretty glass
  • E6000 Glue fancy platters materials

The plate and the glass should be somewhat equal in size – the glass needs to be able to hold the plate level.  Put a little E6000 (following the directions on the tube) on the plate and cup and glue together to get this.

fancy platter

A fancy platter to show off your yummy treats!

I will show you all of the plates from O’s party displaying all the yummy treats  soon after her party!  But this idea is too good not to share now!

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