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February Custom Work

February 26, 2014

This month I got to do a few fun custom projects!  Two I can share now and one that I have to save until next month, just in case the birthday recipient reads my blog (I am not sure if she does, but want to stay on the safe side).  So excited to show you that one!!

But the two projects I can share are fabulous too!  First one was a custom baby dress, inspired by Minnie Mouse! minnie dress front I got an email via Etsy back in January from a gal who was referred to me by her friend (who is a friend of mine).  She was looking for a specific Minnie dress and asked if I could recreate it in her daughter’s size (9mo).  I told her I needed to think about it and look around for patterns and that I would get back to her.  After really considering it, I emailed her back and told her that I could not copy the dress she sent me a pic of – but I could make her a Minnie Mouse inspired dress of my own design.  I worked up a colored pencil sketch and sent it to her to give her an idea of what I was thinking about.  She loved it and said yes!

Here is the sketch I sent! minnie dress sketch For the bodice, skirt and ruffle sleeve of the dress, I used the Geranium dress pattern by Made by Rae (I am an authorized seller, meaning I bought her production license as well as the pattern).  The basic bodice and skirt of this pattern are great and the ruffle sleeve is adorable.  I knew that the sizing would work (6-12 mo) and that I could do a few tweaks/embellishments to really make it an awesome Minnie dress!

Along the neckline I added a yellow ric rac accent. minnie dress neckline

I also added the yellow ric rac along the bottom on top of the added ruffle. minnie dress ruffle and ricrac
The sash was a little trickier to add since the bodice buttons in the back, but I think I came up with a cute sash! minnie dress back And of course you can’t forget to have Minnie herself on the dress, or at least her silhouette!  I debated on the yellow ribbon vs. yellow ric rac in a bow shape, but after a few text message consults, I went with the ribbon!  I think it turned out cute! minnie applique

The lucky little lady gets to wear this cute dress on her first trip to Disneyland in May!  Can’t wait to see the pictures!

The second custom project was a quick fabric bunting for my friend’s twins’ 1st birthday party.  She wanted a woodland theme but also wanted the bunting to be reusable around her house/outside. (So no cutesy baby prints).  I met up with her at our local quilt shop and she picked out 4 different coordinating fabrics. custom bunting She only bought 1/4 yard of each and it was enough to make a bunting of over 9′ long.  I used a brown bias tape to string the pennants together.  This really is a super simple and adorable project for any party or even home/room décor.  I am definitely going to do a tutorial with all the how to details! custom bunting 3 Here is the bunting taped up to one of my doors, definitely not the best picture but you get the idea.  So cute and simple! custom bunting 2 One of the things I love about being able to sew, is that you can make things that are custom to you or your friends, getting exactly what you want!  And I love making my customers happy!

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