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My love language is Gifts! Handmade I gifted in Jan/Feb

February 28, 2014

My sister says my love language is GIFTS, and yeah I agree with her!  I love giving gifts (I love getting gifts too) but I really love it when someone loves what I gave them….ok that was a lot of love!  But you get my drift.  Since my whole business started due to the compliments I got from the handmade gifts I have given over the years, I feel like I sort of have to make birthday/holiday gifts for people.  Sometimes I just can’t (no time, etc. and then the guilt sets in) but I really do try to as much as I can!

For January/February – there aren’t too many birthdays in our world.  Just my husband, my sister-in-law and a niece and nephew and a few friends… okay that is quite a few.  But I only managed to get 2 handmade gifts delivered.  The 3rd is still in progress and didn’t make it for the birthday gift, but I have plans for it.

The gifts I did get done were a Tinkerbell inspired purse for my niece! tinkerbell purse She had a Sofia the 1st birthday party so I was going to go with that theme, but then her mom (my sister-in-law) said that she was really loving a Tinkerbell movie music CD, so I picked that up from Amazon along with the cutest little Tinkerbell stuffie from Hallmark.  You know I just had to make her a little Tinkerbell inspired purse to put everything in. I even tried out some decorative stitching on my machine on the handle. Cute, huh!
tinkerbell purse handle detail The second giftie I made was a pair of itty bitty kitties for a good friend’s twins’ 1st Birthday!
bitty kitties 1 She had mentioned that they liked kitties – and I really wanted to make them full size kitty stuffed animals, but I ran out of time.  I found them the cutest little tea set and really wanted to make them some friends to have tea with, so I used THIS tutorial for a super simple tiny kitty stuffie from my favorite softie designer, Abby Glassenberg. bitty kitties 2 The pieces to make these kitties are literally 2 circles and 4 half circles for each kitty.  There is hand sewing involved because they are so small but it was a pretty quick project, and they are pretty cute! bitty kitties 3 I got pics of each of the twins with their new kitties at their little birthday celebration!  Miss I gave her kitty some cookies and tea. I kitty tea While Miss A thought that giving the kitty a toss was hilarious!  Their genes may be identical but they are definitely their own girls!  Love them so much! A kitty throw I really love giving handmade, and I can’t guarantee everyone will get something handmade, but I will darn well try!

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