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Furnishing my childhood Barbie house for my daughter

July 25, 2014

My sister’s and I loved playing with Barbies!  We would make houses on the floor with our hardback Disney books and play for hours.  One Christmas we got a beautiful Barbie house that my Dad made from plans he got from my Aunt.  It was so awesome!  3 floors and an elevator!  Over the years it got passed to cousins and when I had my daughter, I hunted it down and got it back, in pretty bad shape!  I worked on it and restored it back to how I remembered it – painted walls, carpeted floors – totally awesome!

barbie house empty

For the past 5 years it has been in my daughter’s rooms mainly being used as a shelf for storage, as shown in O’s baby room below.

changing table and barbie house

For her upcoming 5th birthday I am going to furnish it so she can actually use it as intended – to play with her dolls. She isn’t really into “Barbie” yet but she loves Princesses and has quite a few of the Barbie size ones that fit in the house.


I purchased pieces for the house that I found on sale after Christmas last year, namely a kitchen set and little table.  But I wanted to make a few pieces as well.  I remember we had a handmade couch and living room set and it was really cool!  So with my husband’s help – we built a bunk bed and a few couches/chairs.

bunk bed purple

I made a mattress, quilt and pillow for each bed.  A purple set and a pink set for variety.  I also made a cute pink pouf/chair, and found this little wood box and spray painted it white for a bedroom table.

pink set

For the living room, I made more of a loveseat size couch and 2 chairs.  Another cute pouf and spray painted wood box for a table.  I made some little pillows for the chairs and cut a scrap of blue dot cuddle for a throw blanket on the couch.  For the final touch, a scrap of cuddle for a rug, I refrained from cutting it into a bear shape!

living room 2

I am so excited to put this all together in the house!  I think I will set it up the night before her birthday while she is sleeping (she’s a sound sleeper) so its all ready the morning of her birthday!  I promise to share all the pictures soon!
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