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Getting ready for my first Farmer’s Market booth!

April 9, 2014

Ahhh!  I can hardly believe that the Issaquah Farmer’s Market is almost here!  So much to do and so little time – 1-1/2 weeks to be exact!  I am so excited to be able to sell and show off my work at our local farmer’s market!  In order to make my products look the best they can, I enlisted the help of my fabulous hubby to build some display furniture for me!  We talked about ladders to hang blankets and “trees” to hang little lady purses (and maybe a few monkeys), and he dove right in!

mr ro building

Mr. Ro built me 2 ladders and 2 trees last weekend and O and I got busy painting them this week!

display pieces market prep

Miss O absolutely loved helping me paint. She helped with the whole tree and a little bit into the ladder, she said her wrist hurt and decided to go play with her brother!  It was a gorgeous day to be outside!

market prep o helping market prep o painting

I am so ecstatic that they are just about done – I think it was my biggest stressor in all the market prep.  I just really want my booth to show off my creations and scream FUN!  I am planning on doing a mock up of the booth in the driveway as soon as I can.

Besides the work outside, I have been burning the midnight hours sewing, sewing, sewing!

market prep monkeys

A pile of monkeys smiling and waiting for their bodies!

market prep finger puppet

A fun possible freebie designed!

market prep finished items

And my newly finished pile is growing – which is a good thing!!  I know I don’t have to finish it all before the market opens April 19th, but I would love it if I could get it all done!!  I will be there on opening day and plan on trying to be there every other week starting in May (after our vacay).
Any local peeps, please come out and see me at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market on April 19th! Hours are 9am – 2pm, Rain or Shine! It’s a fun market with tons of fresh produce, flowers, yummy food and local artisans – like me!! The market runs through October and I will be posting at my booth and on my jeni ro facebook page when I will be there.

Get more information about the market HERE! And if/when you do come, please stop by and say HI!

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