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Disneyland Pants for the boy!

April 11, 2014

So I finally got a few things made for Mr. V for our Disneyland trip!  And it just so happens – it’s… KID’S CLOTHES WEEK this week!!!


Since I really can’t participate like I would like, due to all the market stuff that still needs to be done, this work counts right??

While Miss O will be wearing princess dresses all week, (if you missed them – you can see them HERE and HERE!), for V we found him a week’s worth of Disney t-shirts, from Target and Old Navy.  (But O did tell me today that I need to make V a Christoff outfit to go with her in her Elsa dress!)

I knew I wanted to make him some pants or shorts to go with the t-shirts, so I recently purchased the Parsley Pants pattern from Made by Rae.  Looking at the fabric I had, I planned to make V three pairs…. here were my ideas.

kcw spring v pants fabric

I cut them out on Monday night (took all of 20 minutes) and sewed them up on Tuesday night – so fast, and so cute!  It’s a basic pants pattern but Rae has a lot of options on how to dress them up – tuxedo stripe, knee pads, pintucks, etc.  The pattern goes up to size 10, so I have a feeling I will be making a lot more Parsley pants in the future.

I will get pictures of V in his outfits at Disneyland but for now lets just tape them to the fence!  (I tried cute washi tape but it didn’t work, sorry about the ugly packing tape!)

disneyland pants title image

The brown chevron pants (I still love chevrons even though I know they are so last year) – look great with his orange Mater shirt.

disneyland pants brown chev with mater shirt

They look OK with the Pluto shirt, but these pants were so easy I think if I have a few spare hours before we leave I will make him a yellow or green pair to go with this shirt!

disneyland pants brown chev with pluto shirt

The Cars print is a flannel so he will love these for his special Disneyland pjs!  Frankly he might not want to take them off during the day either.

disneyland pants pj pants

The last pair I took a chance and did the tuxedo stripe AND the kneepads – and I think they turned out cute!  Blue pants with a racing flag stripe and Cars kneepads.  These look awesome with the white Lightning shirt.

disneyland pants blue mcqueen with shirt

Not as great with the blue multi Car shirt — I think this shirt needs red pants with racing flag tuxedo stripes!!

disneyland pants blue with blue shirt

I have a few more Disneyland projects on my list (which now includes more pants for V) – but the days are ticking by fast until we leave for the big trip!  Everyone here is getting so excited!

jeni signature blue

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