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What should a 4 year old princess where to Disneyland?

March 19, 2014

Why princess dresses of course!  Being in love with the Disney princesses myself, I was all too happy to make some comfy princess dresses she could wear while we run around Disneyland on our vacation!  We will be gone for 7 days including travel days, so why not a dress for each day!

Today I am sharing the first 4 I made.  I have no idea what order she will wear the dresses in on our trip, I will let her decided, but I will for sure share pictures of her in in them while traipsing around Disneyland and meeting the princesses!  For now they are just on hangers, but still sooooooo cute!

Princess dresses 1 title
First up: Rapunzel!

Rapunzel front
Rapunzel back
Rapunzel was the first princess dress I made. The basic dress is a classic peasant dress. I used Simplicity pattern 2377 as the base for all of the dresses and tweaked them to looks like the princess I was working on.
Rapunzel was a bit of work, sewing the ribbons individually on the sleeves and bodice, but I really think it turned out great!  And the lace on the bottom adds a lot too.

Next up: Snow White!

Snow White front

Snow White back

Of all of the dresses, Snow White was the easiest.  The basic peasant dress design was perfect for the Snow White’s dress, I just added yellow ric rac down the front of the bodice and forgoed the cape since you still know its Snow White without it.  I took a little liberty with the red polka dot sleeves, but again I think it still looks Snow White inspired!

Next is: Ariel!

Ariel front

Ariel back The pattern had two sleeve designs a full sleeve and a flutter sleeve.  So for Ariel since her top really is a bikini top (in Mermaid form), I went with the flutter sleeve.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures but the skirt is a sparkly teal blue fabric that I thought was perfect for Ariel’s “tail”.  I really wanted to put a shell on the bodice and I searched and search for a large shell button but just could not find one.  So I improvised.

Ariel front close up I asked my daughter for a shell from her collection and glued it onto a button sewn onto the dress.  I surrounded the real shell with tiny purple and sparkly teal plastic seashell buttons I found at the fabric store.  I think it looks so cute and works for Ariel.

And finally – my favorite of this bunch:  Tiana!

Tiana front

Tiana back

Tiana surpassed Rapunzel as Miss O’s favorite princess 2 Christmas’ ago and she remains top of Miss O’s favorite princess list (I was just told that now Ariel is her favorite princess, but Tiana is her second favorite).  For Tiana’s dress I really wanted to create the leaf/flower/lilypad aspect of her dress.  So I drew a “leaf” shape and made up 8 of them, thinking I would put them all around the dress.  But when I was putting it together I decided to try and tier the “leaves” on the front of the dress and add 2 on the bodice.  I am happy with how it turned out.  I found the white flower and leaves at the Sew Expo and they really just perfect the dress! princess dresses 1 first 4

So there are the first 4 dresses in Miss O’s Disneyland wardrobe. The final 3 will be shared next week – make sure to come back and check them out!
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