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March Stuffie of the Month – Punju Peacock – Pattern Review!

March 21, 2014

Time for the March Stuffie of the Month Pattern Review!

peacock title image

This month I made and am reviewing the Punju Peacock pattern from Funky Friends Factory.  Funky Friends Factory, is an Australian company and designer who has so many cute stuffed animal patterns.  It was rather hard to pick the one I wanted to make, but I went with the peacock because one of my good friends is a lover of all things peacock and her birthday is coming up next month so I had to make it for her!  Yeah she will probably see this post, thus will be getting her birthday gift early! =)

pattern pieces

I bought the pdf pattern because it was a few dollars less and it would come to me instantly.  I got the pattern right away in my email, but I had trouble saving it from the website.  I emailed FFF and they sent me the pdf right away, so I could save the file to my computer.  The pattern wasn’t too many pages, so I just printed it all out.  One thing I noticed right away was that there were NO PICTURES!  Ahhh!  I am a visual person and having pictures or illustrations of steps helps me tremendously at times.  While I really didn’t have any problems with this pattern (I have made a softie or two before), I still would have liked a few pictures.  I don’t think this would be a great pattern for a newbie to softies, especially if you are a visual person.

I did appreciate the check boxes next to the steps, it made it easier to follow along, because I checked off the steps as I sewed.  I did notice that there were a few steps left off (one in particular) – it was easy to figure out but with no pictures I really think the pattern instructions should be very clear on each step.


With all that said, it really is a good pattern and the finished product is adorable!  I love that stuffies are still cute even unstuffed!

peacock unstuffed
This was my first stuffie project made from all cotton fabrics. I usually use fleece or cuddle, which can be a little more forgiving, but the all cotton peacock turned out great!  Here is Mr. Punju from the front!

peacock front 2

I love the choices I made in the fabrics (which changed slightly from the first picture I took), I feel like they work for the peacock while giving it a funky edge!  So happy I had that green in my stash!

peacock back

Mr. Punju from the backside!  Look at that awesome tail!

peacock face profile close

Smile for your close up!

peacock feet

The feet turned out so cool!  I was a little skeptical about the step to top stitch around the feet but it did make the shape of the foot/toes stand out.  These softie designers know what they are doing — it’s all in the details!

To recap my thoughts on this pattern/company:

  • Super cute finished stuffie (CHECK)
  • Quick construction (CHECK)
  • Pattern layout easy to read but NO Pictures, which was a bummer! (CHECK)
  • Full size patterns provided (CHECK)
  • Funky Friends Factory has great customer service (CHECK)

Things I learned:

  • I really like my pattern with some kind of pictures, but I can manage without.
  • An all cotton fabric stuffie still works and can be adorable!  Especially with all the choices out there with quilting cotton.
  • Taking extra steps for the details, really do matter!

Thanks for checking out my March Stuffie of the Month and make sure to check out Funky Friends Factory, so many cute patterns to choose from!  I am sure I will be making another Funky Friend soon!

Up next month — Bunnies for Easter!  I am going back to my favorite softie designer and making my kids some cute bunnies for Easter from Abby Glassenberg’s book Stuffed Animals!  I know I have made her patterns before and I said I was going to try new designers, but I have to make these for my kids, so why not do a review!!  I did a quick review of the entire book HERE, it seriously is the best softie making book that I have seen!

bunnies from stuffed animals

If you missed last month’s stuffie review, you can see it HERE!  And I will have a recap page up on the blog soon where I will post links to all of the reviews!

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