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Princess dresses for Disneyland – the final 3!

March 26, 2014

And finally the last 3 princess dresses that Miss O will be wearing in Disneyland!  If you missed the first 4 Disney Princess Play Dresses, check them out HERE!

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Up first: Elsa!
elsa front
elsa back

I was trying to decide if I should make an Elsa or Anna dress, but after asking my daughter and wanting to test out the idea (I have a friend wanting 2 Elsa dresses for her nieces) – Elsa won. I have since been told she would like an Anna dress as well (I am sure it will happen but probably not in time for Disneyland).

I found the sparkly blue cotton at Joann’s and knew it would be perfect but I struggled to find the perfect material for the cape, etc. I wanted something sparkly and snowy feeling! Shopping at the Sew Expo with my Mom, I found the prettiest lace that felt like it was perfect for Elsa.  Since this dress is for my 4 year old, I kept it in the same peasant style but added the lace to the sleeve and added an apron of the lace on the front.  For the back cape, I wanted to attach it under the arms more like Elsa’s dress, but I didn’t want the said 4 year old to accidently rip it off while playing.  So I attached it at the top where it would be long but not drag.  We are going to have to be careful with this dress regardless because the lace isn’t as sturdy as the cotton.

elsa close up Here is a closer view of the lace.  Its sparkly and so pretty and reminds me of snowflakes even though its floral.

Next is: Aurora aurora front
aurora back

The Aurora dress is the only dress out of all of them that I probably would like to redo. The dress is the basic peasant but I hand drew a “sash” that looks like the pointy “sash” around Aurora’s waist. It turned out a little wonky but the overall dress is cute. It’s pink, she loves it, and that’s all that matters!

And finally: Jasmine!
jasmine front
jasmine back

Being the last dress I made, Jasmine came together rather quickly, since I think I can now make a peasant dress in my sleep (hehe, just kidding). I used the flutter sleeves for Jasmine since her outfit is pretty much a bikini top with pants. I tried to talk O into a cute top and shorts for Jasmine, but no it had to be a dress.  Jasmine doesn’t really have a gold belt but I thought it worked and gave the shape of her waistband of her pants.

jasmine detail The sparkles on the bodice, I found at Sew Expo.  The shape of the gold sequins was perfect and then I found the cute pearl and gold button to top it off.  I think this one might be my favorite in this batch, but I do love the Elsa dress too!

Making these dresses has actually been a lot of fun and I feel like it has let me be creative and stretch myself a bit when it comes to design.  If I run out of projects (yeah, right!) I think I would love to finish up O’s collection and make the rest of the princesses – I think we have Belle, Anna, Mulan, Pocahontas and Cinderella left… I will be sure to share if I do!

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