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Home Party vs. Going to a Venue – Let’s talk Pros and Cons!

September 19, 2019

It’s party planning time and you need to figure out how you are going to celebrate your child’s next birthday.  Do you have a party at home or go to one of the many kid’s party venues in your community? Here are some pros and cons for each option! 

HOME PARTY (My personal preference)


  •  Total Control over everything!  This can be good and bad, but I see it as good, as you can have the party go as you like – total control over decorations, activities and food.  If this scares you – don’t worry – there are people to help!  Local Party Planners (like me!), party printables and more!
  • No food restrictions or mandates as to where to get the food.  This is good when you have kiddos with allergies or food sensitivities.  And you can match the food with the theme.
  • Comfort for your child.  At home they are generally more comfortable and know they are safe.
  • More time to open gifts and socialize.  I know parents don’t love the opening gifts part – but the kiddos really do – they love to see the birthday child open the gift they brought.
  • Option to go outside (or have the party outside) if the weather is cooperating.


  • Depending on your home size, you may not have the space for all guests.  But there are ways to make this work as well (see outside bullet in PROs list).
  • Yes, you have to clean up yourself.  But if you enlist friends and family members the clean up is quick. My husband is my party cleanup crew – sometimes before the last guest leaves, he has half the party all cleaned up and put away!
  • Set up is all on you.  Yes, again I say enlist help!  I am sure there are family members or friends who would love to help decorate.  And for about the same investment (or less) as you would pay at a venue, you can definitely find a party planner who would LOVE to help!  If you are in the St. Louis area – just give me a call!

VENUE PARTY (Bounce house, Chuck E Cheese, Trampoline place, etc….)


  • Set up and clean up are usually done for you.
  • Activities (or activity) depending on the place are provided for you.
  • Plenty of space for everyone (usually).


  • Total guest number may be limited and additional guest over limit could get costly.
  • Hard to decorate the space ahead of time and really get into the party mode.  Although some printables are easy to prep ahead of time and bring to venues (banners, party circles and more).
  • Limited with food choices.  Most of the time venues only allow you to order pizza through them and yes, I know most kids love pizza – but if you have a non-pizza eater (like me) it can be challenging.
  • Time is limited.  There generally isn’t enough time to open gifts or socialize with family.

Really in the end it’s all about what your child wants and where will they have the most fun!  Home parties and venue parties are both great, choose what’s best for you and your child! 

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