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I’m going to my first Craft Business Conference!!!

March 24, 2015

I am beyond excited!  I leave tomorrow morning (really early) for CRAFTCATION 2015 in sunny and warm Ventura, CA!!  I have always wanted to go to a craft business conference and I finally am!

Tickets went on sale last year for this conference and when I saw that my favorite stuffed animal designer, the fabulous Abby Glassenberg, was going to be presenting/speaking there I just had to go!  I talked my husband into it and was able to snag one of the first early bird tickets and got the best price!  So now I am all prepped and ready to go!

new laptop bag

I got myself a new laptop bag to take my computer and other business stuff.  I plan on doing a lot of party designing with my down time!

crochet project

My portable crochet project is packed as well – working on a project for my baby sis’ baby room!  I will be sharing all those projects soon!

enough biz cards

And I can’t forget the business cards!  Do you think this is enough? HA!  It’s probably way too many, but better safe than sorry!!  Speaking of business cards – I redesigned my card to reflect my new direction and they turned out so cute!

jeni ro business cards

I am still all about kids stuff of course – but I wanted my card to reflect my focus on kids’ room design, birthday party planning and gifts!  The graphics are simple but I think they get the message across!  I love them!!

I am hoping to learn so so much and have a nice relaxing time to myself.  This momma needs a recharge so bad!!  I will be sharing all my fun on Instagram throughout the conference, if you want to tag along with me – follow me on Instagram  – my handle is @jeniro

I will be recapping all of the fun next week, so be sure to check back!  Here I go!

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