Custom made ducks for Gender reveal party

A few weeks ago I got a message via Etsy about making a few custom stuffed ducks!  She saw this cutie in the shop and liked it – but needed it in different colors!

yellow duck side

She needed 2 – one in baby pink and one in baby blue!  After asking a few questions, I found out that they were for a gender reveal party – How fun!!

custom gender reveal duck title pic

And here they are!!  She wanted the orange beaks still but everything else in baby pink or blue.

girl duck only

I couldn’t find the fun fur yarn in pink and blue but I did find a fun fuzzy yarn in the perfect colors that worked great for the little hair tuft!  It’s she cute!

blue duck only

He’s pretty cute too!

pink and blue custom ducks

I am not exactly sure how they are using them to reveal the gender of the new baby – but however it’s done, it’s fun to do it with stuffies!!  So glad she asked me to help out!

jeni signature blue

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