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jeni ro parties: Lego Star Wars 5th Birthday Party

August 12, 2014

Last weekend was the big Lego Star Wars Birthday Party!  I am happy to say that the birthday boy had a blast!  Here are some of the details of the party!

lego star wars 5th birthday party title image

I really enjoy planning kids’ parties and I think I actually want to pursue kid’s party planning as a part of my business.  So when my friend asked me to help with her son’s 5th birthday party, I was all over it!  Ok let’s start with the invite!  I had fun creating this invitation and matching party printables, which you will see in the party pictures.

lego star wars invite

Next up the food and décor!

lego star wars party pennant banner on counter

The party was held at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle – they have the best party packages and they handle all of the kid’s activities.  My friend chose the Space theme which was a perfect pairing with the Lego Star Wars theme (We did their bug themed party last year).  The pennant banner I made fit perfectly along the long counter where we set up the food.  For more details on the pennant banner – check out the tutorial HERE.

lego star wars party ham solo food tent

My friend handled the food and food names, but I created the food tents and party circles to dress it up.

food tents pbj

I think this was my favorite one!  Help Free Han Solo from Jell-O!  The birthday boy’s Mom made apple cinnamon Jell-o in a clear pie plate and I printed out a Lego Han Solo to put under it – so simple but so cool!

hans in jello

Here in Seattle, me must drink our coffee! My friend found this cool logo HERE – I printed it on sticker paper and we slapped it on the Starbucks traveler — Darth Roast Coffee is served!

darth roast coffee

And we must eat cake!  The cake was made by a local gourmet grocery store in the space theme.  I put a few of the giant Legos that I made behind it to dress it up.  The rest of the giant Legos were on the tables but I didn’t get a good picture.  Check out my tutorial on how to make the giant Legos HERE!

cake and legos

Of course you always have to have a Happy Birthday banner with the birthday kid’s name on it!  I used a fun shape for the printable banner and it turned out great!

lego star wars party birthday name printable banner

Another fun piece of decoration was the Death Star that I created out of a paper lantern!

lego star wars party death star

For the favors – my friend and I created light sabers out of pool noodles!  Such an easy craft but so much fun.  Pool noodle + duck tape = awesome light saber!  The birthday boy even got to determine the design of the “handles”.

lego star wars party light sabers

Along with the light sabers, each kiddo got a fun Mixels Lego set and some glow in the dark stars!  Bag tags were personalized for each Jedi!

lego star wars party favor bags

And we can’t forget the birthday boy’s outfit!!  We found an awesome printable design for an X-Wing Fighter shirt from Filth Wizardry HERE.  I printed it out onto transfer paper and ironed it onto an orange shirt for S.  Paired with orange shorts it was the perfect X-Wing fighter uniform (in August).  My friend created the amazing X-Wing Fighter helmet using THIS tutorial from Filth Wizardry as well.  So cool!

lego star wars party birthday boy outfit

Here are side and back shots of the helmet – it really turned out great!

lego star wars party helmet side lego star wars party helmet back

We made an extra orange X-Wing Fighter shirt and put up the space panel for photo ops if the kids wanted.  It was hard to get a good close up picture of those wiggly kids especially after eating cake and being given light sabers!

lego star wars party silly o & s

S & O just wanted to use the force on me and my camera!

lego star wars party o and s

It was a fun party with a very happy 5 year old!  Mission Accomplished!

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