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O’s 5th Birthday Dress – Anna Coronation Dress

August 8, 2014

When I asked Miss O what princess dress she wanted to wear at her 5th Birthday party – she immediately said Anna’s Coronation dress from Frozen.  I thought, okay this is going to be a challenge but I was up for it!


Originally I was thinking about using The Cottage Mama’s Party dress pattern and adding sleeves.  You can get the Party Dress pattern free when you sign up for The Cottage Mama’s newsletter.  But then I found THIS tutorial from Sunset Family Living that had the sweetheart bodice shape that the Party Dress was missing.  Instead of the peasant style sleeves of the Sunset Family Living tutorial, I used the sleeves from THIS tutorial, they were more like the sleeves on the dress from the movie.  I think it all turned out pretty cute!

anna coronation dress front

I knew I had to include the Nordic detail on the dress or else it just wouldn’t be the Coronation dress.  I was going to go on a hunt for patterned ribbon that I could sew on the skirt – but then I stumbled upon a seller on Etsy that had a Silhouette file for the bodice and skirt detail.  It was so worth the $4 for the file!  I cut the stencils out with my Silhouette using freezer paper.


Then following the colors from the image of Anna and Hans above I painted the detail onto the bodice and the skirt.

skirt stencils in progress

It was a lot of work, but it turned out so awesome.

anna dress bodice detail

For the skirt I spaced 1-1/2″ green ribbon out about 10″ apart and sewed them to the skirt pieces – then painted the stencil in between the ribbons.

anna dress skirt detail

I shirred the back of the dress per the instructions in the Sunset Family Living tutorial to make the bodice fit a little better but it is still a bit big on Miss O 🙁  In hindsight I should have made the bodice a size smaller, oh well, at least it’s not too small!

anna coronation dress back

I really can’t wait to get pictures of her in this dress all dolled up at her party!  She even has a hair appointment the morning of her party for a quick trim and maybe an Anna braid!

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