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Learn about Printable Water Bottle labels

July 12, 2021

Let me tell you all about printable water bottle labels! And how they can easily add personalization to your party decor! If you missed my deep dive into party circles, check it out here!

Printable water bottle labels are another way to dress up and personalize your party! 

You can wrap them around water bottles (obviously) but you can get creative and use them in other ways too!

Wrap up juice boxes, milk boxes or pretty much any kind of drink in a bottle.

Use them to decorate a small box or even food packaging (i.e., French fries, etc.). I used a water bottle label around a little pot to create this fun little decor piece for a baby shower!

You could even use them as napkin rings!

My printable water bottle labels are meant to be printed on regular cardstock paper.  You can follow my video tutorial for tips on how to place them on your bottles – it just takes a little packing tape!

My general rule of thumb is to print 5 pages of water bottle labels – that gives you 25 labels.  Spend a little time wrapping up 25 bottles, and that should be plenty to decorate with.  If you need more drinks, then pop some unwrapped bottles behind the wrapped ones.  Or wrap them all; it’s up to you!  That’s the beauty of printing them yourself!

And if they don’t all get used – pop them in the fridge for any time!  I love grabbing a wrapped bottle from an old party out of the fridge – it makes me smile!

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