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Miss O’s 1st day of Kindergarten!

September 4, 2014

My little girl is a Kindergartener!  I can’t really believe it!  This morning she got on the big yellow bus for her first day.  Granted its only half day and I will greet her off the bus in a few hours, but still its a big deal!  She wore her new purple flower dress that I made her for her birthday!

1st day dress with sign

I used a Peekaboo Pattern Shop pattern – the Sugar & Spice dress and top!  Miss O actually picked out the purple floral fabric a few months ago.  I paired it with a purple ombre fabric and purple piping.  It came out really cute!  I think the ruffle sleeves are my favorite!

1st day dress front

She was so anxious to get out to the bus stop (which is 2 houses away from us) that we had plenty of time to take pictures in the front yard!  Silly cheeses of course!

1st day dress back

The square neckline and buttons in the back are pretty cute too!

1st day dress pose

So much nervous energy that most of our pictures were like this!  She just had to pose!

1st day dress on the bus

And she is off!  Her My Little Pony backpack even matches!  My big girl!  She is going to have so much fun at Kindergarten!!

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