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Miss O’s 4th Birthday – My Little Pony Playdate

August 19, 2013

It was a fun birthday week last week!  Miss O turned 4 on Thursday and we invited a few of her girlfriends over for a pony playdate!!  Miss O loves the ponies right now, and even though we were having a bigger joint party on the weekend, I just couldn’t miss the chance to do something My Little Pony themed for her.  It was fun to be able to plan a smaller party – only 5 girls total – so I started off the theme by making each of them their very own pony inspired dress! I blogged about it here!  It was so fun to finally see the girls in the dresses!

SONY DSC 4 of the 5 pony girls… oh and a little brother!

Onto the fun party details!

We have a great space at our house for gatherings/parties – right outside on the downstairs patio, with access to the yard and new play area.  My original plan was to utilize the entire space – BUT it decided to rain that day!  So I had to work with a smaller area of the patio that doesn’t get that wet due to the sunsetter cover on the top deck!  Thankfully it didn’t rain the entire time, just on and off, so we still got to play outside, etc.

I used a combination of store bought party supplies, in the My Little Pony theme, and some homemade items, for the party décor.

SONY DSC Ruffled streamers adding some rainbow color!

SONY DSC Store bought My Little Pony Happy Birthday Banner!

SONY DSC Mom designed Name banner

SONY DSC Consolidated party area – due to the rain! =(

Once most of the girls arrived, we started our craft, while they had some snacks!  The girls got to choose to design their own pony or create one of the 6 main ponies.  I found an awesome My Little Pony craft from the site Learn Create Love, it was perfect for the party!

SONY DSC Busy crafting!

SONY DSC A showing off her pony creation!

 After they were done creating – they got to spend a little time in the new play area!  The nice thing about pillowcase dresses – you can still play and not worry too much about ruining your dress!


Next up: Lunch!!  I treated the girls to McDonald’s since that is one of Miss O’s favs.  I took their orders ahead of time (when I asked for dress measurements) and one of the Mom’s ran and got lunch so it was hot and fresh!  I had to ponyize lunch too – so I used my Silhouette SD to cut out burger/nugget boxes and fry boxes – and decorated them with pony characters and fun names.  All served on their very own personalized My Little Pony placemat!


  SONY DSC Miss O’s placemat

SONY DSC L enjoying her Celestia’s Nuggets, Spike’s French Fries and Sweetie Belle’s juice!

Then of course, they must have cake!  I did take a shortcut and got the cake from the store – but added the pony of course!



The last activity of the playdate was the piñata!  Miss O says “piñata” with a cute little accent!  I wanted it to match the theme and didn’t want to pay a bunch for a MLP piñata online – so I used the fabulous Beckie of Infarrantly Creative’s tutorial on making a paper bag piñata.  It turned out adorable and did the trick.  I only used one paper bag and it was still tough to crack for 5 – 4 year old girls!!

SONY DSC Rainbow Dash is Miss O’s favorite pony – so she had a starring role at the playdate.

SONY DSC Yes they used a princess bat!

SONY DSC Scooping up the piñata booty!

The girls each went home with a pony party bag I found at Journeyz Kids store  – filled with a My Little Pony coloring book, crayons, pony cup, pony ring, handmade pony hairbow, pony pencil, tattoos and ring, candy ring pop and a mystery pony (O’s fav).


They all looked adorable and I think they all had fun!  Miss O definitely had a fun birthday morning with her friends!!

SONY DSC Cutie pony girls!!

SONY DSC Silly poses!!

Happy 4th Birthday Olive!  I can hardly believe you are already 4 years old! jeni signature blue

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