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Playhouse banner with Fabric scraps – Tutorial!

August 6, 2013

We are 90% finished with a new play area for our kids in our own backyard!  After removing trees and building a retaining wall, my husband spent nights and weekends for about 2 weeks building this amazing play set for the kids!


Since it has a clubhouse, I thought it needed a little décor! So I starting thinking about what type of banner I could make that would be quick and cute! I could cut triangles and sew a pennant banner – cute but not that quick – then I realized that my fabric scrap bin is overflowing and I could totally make a quick and cute banner from them!


SONY DSC Cute huh!  Want to make one?  Here is how I did it!

1.  Gather your supplies:  Scissors or Pinking Shears, yarn or string, FABRIC scraps!!

2.  Measure out the yarn/string to see how long you want your banner.  I measured the inside of the playhouse and made sure the banner would fit where I wanted to hang it.

3.  Start cutting!  Cutting with pinking shears (the scissors with the little alligator teeth) helps with the fraying but it doesn’t really matter – with this banner the fraying adds charm.   Cut strips of fabric about 1-1/2″ to 2″ wide and 10″ to 15″ long.  You do not have to be exact.  You can always trim later, but having the different lengths looks cute too.


I cut a rainbow of colors!  You will need a lot – I think for my banner, I used 100 strips of fabric.

4.  Organize by color or just throw them all in a bag and get ready to tie!

SONY DSC My daughter helped me grab strips (for a few minutes) and I tied up the banner outside while she played!

5.  Tie the strips on the yarn/string.  I found it easier to lay the yarn across my lap, make a loop with the fabric and run the end of the yarn through the loop and then tighten.  I started in the middle and worked towards one end, when I got close to the end, I switched to the other side.  I just tied a single knot, pulled tight and moved the fabric around so it looked good.

SONY DSC You can really make this as dense or sparse as you want.  It is really cute with a lot of scraps but it might be just as cute with more space in between – totally up to you!

6.  Hang it up!!  In the playhouse, play room – anywhere you need some color and cuteness!




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