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Miss O’s 5th Birthday Princess Ball – Part III: The Fun!

August 25, 2014

Yay Part III of Miss O’s 5th Birthday Princess Ball – The Fun!  If you missed Part I: Décor  and Part II: Desserts, please go check them out!  So I had a lot of fun planned for all of the Princesses and Knights at the ball!

On arrival each guest could choose to dress up if they wanted, or choose between making a necklace or decorating a crown or shield.

o 5th princess party sir v the knight

Even Mr. V got into the party theme! Such a cute little knight!

o 5th princess party necklace craft

Here Miss O and a friend are stringing pool noodle flowers onto t-shirt yarn to make a necklace.

o 5th princess party decor crown station with k e v

Here some of the princesses are decorating their crowns!  But the biggest hit and surprise was when Queen Elsa showed up at the party!

o 5th princess party o meeting elsa

Here Queen Elsa is giving Miss O an autographed picture of herself.

o 5th princess party elsa reading story

Elsa jumped right into the party and read the kids a story – Frozen of course!  The kids loved it!

o 5th princess party snowball game with elsa

They then played a fun snowball game and a game of freeze!

o 5th princess party freeze with elsa

So much fun!

o 5th princess party freeze with elsa 2

Then everyone got to take pictures with Queen Elsa under the balloon arch!

o 5th princess party group with elsa

Here most of the kiddos are posing with Queen Elsa – showing their best magic ice throwing pose!

o 5th princess party cake lighting with elsa

Before she headed back to Arendelle, Queen Elsa helped us sing Happy Birthday to Miss O!

o 5th princess party o blowing out candles

Miss O is getting to be a pro at the candle blowing out thing!

o 5th princess party pin the crown game

After Queen Elsa left we played pin the crown on the princess – Elsa of course!

o 5th princess party fam with elsa

The whole family got to pose with Queen Elsa!   It was such a fun birthday party and hopefully one that Miss O will remember!

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