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Miss O’s 5th Birthday Princess Ball – Part II: The Desserts

August 22, 2014

Thanks for coming back to check out Part II of Miss O’s 5th Birthday Princess Ball!  This part will probably be everyone’s favorite – The Desserts!!  If you missed Part I, please go see it HERE.

I was so excited to be able to do nothing but desserts for this party.  I have always wanted to and I knew that Miss O would love it!  I scheduled the party for the afternoon and said on the invite that only dessert and refreshments would be served (meaning feed your kid some protein before you come over ;)).  Oh and this dessert table was so much fun to create!!

o 5th princess party dessert table 2

Here is the wide view of the table with desserts on the fun fancy platters that I made and blogged about HERE.  But here is a close up of each dessert with their adorable little food tents featuring all of the lovely princesses and their friends.

o 5th princess party cake pops

Chocolate cake pops in pink and purple made by yours truly.  Cake pops are not my most favorite thing to make but they are so fun!

o 5th princess party caramels sticky wrapper

Birthday caramels from The Sticky Wrapper, a fellow vendor at the Issaquah Farmer’s Market.  These caramels are so yummy and a huge hit with the Kings and Queens at the ball!

o 5th princess party chocolates

Cherry Tart, Chocolate and Bosenberry Cupcake Crunch Chocolates from Bigfoot Chocolate Co, another market vendor!  Aren’t they the cutest chocolates you have ever seen!  When I saw them at the market I knew they needed to be part of Miss O’s dessert spread!

o 5th princess party crown cookies

Princess Crown sugar cookies made by me.  I used Martha Stewart’s cut out cookie recipe which is very yummy.  After tweaking the royal icing a little I got the icing to look pretty good.  This was my first time with the royal icing flood on sugar cookies, so I know I need more practice, but I am pretty proud of myself.

o 5th princess party mini cupcakes

The food tent is blurry (sorry!) but these mini cupcakes made by my baby sister – Thanks R! – were fun for the kids and a perfect vehicle for the 2″ party circles I designed.  The kids were very specific about which princess they wanted on their mini cupcake!

o 5th princess party luv macarons

The fanciest dessert on the table by far were these fabulous French macarons in purple blackberry and pink strawberry made by another Issaquah Farmer’s Market vendor – Luv Macarons!  Ami the head Macaronniere is so sweet and I was thrilled to feature them on the spread.  The guests loved them of course!

o 5th princess party saltwater taffy

I picked up some pink and purple saltwater taffy when we were at the beach a few weeks ago to add to the dessert table.  Definitely not the fav of the guests but still fun to have!

o 5th princess party scones

A dish that was a fav of the guests were these White chocolate Lemon Scones with Lemon Curd made by my neighbor.  They are seriously the best scone I have tasted even without the lemon curd – but of course you must have lemon curd, its to die for!

o 5th princess party purple lollipops

Another fun sweet treat the kids loved were these purple swirl lollipops.  No kid can resist a lollipop!

o 5th princess party rapunzel doll cake

And last but not least the centerpiece of the table – the Rapunzel Doll Cake!  I am so so happy with how she turned out!  I used the Wilton Doll cake pan but used an actual doll vs. the half doll pick they include in the box.  Since the real doll is a little taller than the cake pan I added a 9″ round cake layer under to give it more height.  Thankfully Rapunzel’s dress is very simple – just purple!  I added the purple sparkles for fun!  I just did my standard tweaked box cake (sub buttermilk for water in a box cake to make it taste better) and my favorite canned frosting (Duncan Hines Creamy Homestyle Cream Cheese Frosting) – and got rave reviews on the cake!  Yay!

o 5th princess party doll cake flowers in hair

My sister dressed Rapunzel’s hair up with a few fresh flowers (just like in the movie).  So cute!

o 5th princess party dessert table

I think my first all dessert table turned out fabulous!  The guests definitely liked the spread!  I think I heard a few people say that they wished they had skipped lunch!  hehe

One final part of Miss O’s 5th Birthday Princess Ball to come – so be sure the check back on Monday for all the FUN!  We just might have had a special surprise Princess visitor!  🙂

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