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Mr. V’s Paw Patrol 4th Birthday Party – The details!

September 23, 2015

My baby boy turned 4 last week! Wow! We had a fun Paw Patrol party to celebrate. Here are all the fun details of the party.
paw patrol bd invite for etsy

I designed a fun puppy/paw patrol themed invite and printable décor set for Mr. V’s party.  This sign welcomed everyone to our backyard on a beautiful day!

v paw patrol bday welcome sign jeni ro designs

I stumbled upon Paw Patrol fabric at Walmart and used one of the prints in the décor for the main food table featuring of course the Happy Birthday banner.

v paw patrol bday hapy birthday and name banners jeni ro designs

The party was in the early evening so we served one of V’s favorites – Pup-eroni Pizza!  Along with other yummy treats!

v paw patrol bday food tables jeni ro designs

I made a few pennant banners for decoration.  One on the food table along with cute food tents and food circles.

v paw patrol bday food tent fruit kibble jeni ro designs

Fun food tents.

v paw patrol bday 2in circles puppy chow jeni ro designs

Party circles in the yummy puppy chow!

v paw patrol bday food dishes jeni ro designs

I found the dog bowls at the dollar store I think they worked great for the food table.

v paw patrol bday beverage table jeni ro designs

The Hawaiian pup-unch (Yeah it was a reach) was a hit with the kiddos.  We also had soda and water with cute wraps of course.

v paw patrol bday water bottle labels jeni ro designs

The cake had its own table with a fun fabric banner above.  The printable decor set can be found in my web shop HERE!

v paw patrol bday cake favor table banner jeni ro designs

I made a bone shaped cake and included the Paw Patrol line up.  I also made a cute paper name banner.  It turned out cute and V loved the figurines.

v paw patrol bday bone cake with figurines jeni ro designs

The kids’ table was dressed up with coloring placemats, Paw Patrol masks and cups.

v paw patrol bday kids table jeni ro designs

The coloring pages I found on the Nick Jr website – they have so many resources for a Paw Patrol party, (but the site can be a bit of a pain)!  The printable masks I got from an Etsy seller.

v paw patrol bday kids table place setting jeni ro designs

V had being “playing” Paw Patrol on our playset all week, so I had to make it into the Lookout from the show.  Since it kind of had the same look so I just created the paw shield and attached and walah – The Paw Patrol Lookout!

v paw patrol bday lookout tower jeni ro designs

The kids had soooo much fun at the party – I share all the fun we had HERE – be sure to check it out!

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