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Mr. V’s Paw Patrol 4th Birthday Party – The fun!

September 25, 2015

Welcome to the second post of Mr. V’s birthday party – all about the FUN!  If you missed the first one please go HERE!

Here is the birthday boy in his birthday outfit! Paw Patrol t-shirt from Target. Mom made pants (Made by Rae’s Parsley Pants pattern) in Paw Patrol vehicles fabric. Felt Rubble Mask made by A Joyful Bow .

The kids had a blast playing in the “Lookout” and running around the backyard.

They enjoyed the pizza and snacks and loved the masks!  It was so cute to see most of them wearing their masks on their heads (not always on the face) throughout the whole party.

Our first activity/game was Pin the Badge on Rubble.  I designed the game and sign to match the rest of the décor.

My daughter decided not to play the game but be the helper, so she spun the kids after I blindfolded them.  There may have been a few cheaters in the group (like Mr. V above) – but they had fun!  I love these pin the X on the X games for parties – they are fun to create and pretty easy to pull off! You can find this fun game in my web shop HERE!

Our next activity was Pup Pup Boogie!  If you have seen the show you know that the pups like a video game called Pup Pup Boogie.  It’s like a Dance Dance Revolution type game on the show with a catchy tune.  Nick Jr. had a really cute version on their website so I went with that vs. making up my own version.

I put the paw prints down on the ground to dance on/around and the game spinner was stapled to the wall.  Depending on what you landed on – you had to do that pup’s move. The poster above the spinner explained the moves.  It was super cute and the kids had fun for a few minutes with it.

Our last activity before cake and presents was to Adopt a Puppy!

The kids each got to pick a puppy and a collar, and then I filled out their “adoption certificate” with the pup’s name and had the child sign it.  It was pretty cute.

Each puppy got a “Pup tag”.  This one is V’s pick, who he named Rubble of course!

We took pictures of each of the kids with their newly adopted pup.  Aren’t they adorable!!

Then the birthday boy blew out his candle and we all had cake!

Presents are now a very important part of a birthday party both for the birthday kid and the guests.  They just love watching their friend open the gift that they gave them.  Normally this is not a fun activity for the parents as the kids are usually crowed around the birthday kid and no one sees anything and sometimes the birthday kid doesn’t even get to open their own present.  Personally one of my biggest party pet peeves!

So I found a solution- well actually I borrowed the idea from a friend.  PARTY TIP:  You have the kids all seated around the birthday kid (a few feet away) so everyone can see, put a special chair next to the birthday kid where the present giver sits while the birthday kid opens the gift.  It makes for a little more organized and more enjoyable present opening experience I think.  Here is O sitting next to her brother while he opens the gift from her.

There may have been some puppy photo bombing while the presents were being opened!

Along with their new pup, each kid got to take home a little puppy care package. A dog bowl and some snacks. I made a cute coordinating tag for each child.

Here are all of the cuties with their new puppies!  It was a super fun party!  Happy 4th Birthday V – you are Pup-tastic!!  Look for the Paw Patrol birthday printables in my webshop!

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