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Ninjago Birthday party

June 9, 2018

Both of our kiddos have been obsessed with the Lego Ninjago series on Cartoon Network, as well as the Ninjago Legos themselves,  so V’s 6th Birthday was all about Ninjago!!

I created a fun printable set featuring all the Lego Ninjago characters.  The invite we sent out set the tone.

The party was held in our backyard, after we had finished an awesome landscaping project, so it looked great!   This fun welcome sign showed the way to the party!

I was so pleased with how the backdrop and banners turned out. I designed the banners, and found the Ninjago images (I think they are computer screen backgrounds) and had them printed at 11×17 to add to the backdrop. I used my old shoji screen to pin everything on and it worked fabulously!

I found the ninja lego eyes online and printed them out to decorate balloons, created a banner with the eyes and used my Silhouette to cut out lanterns from solid colored paper.  They all really added to the ambiance.

The entire space looked great!

I created some fun themed food for the kiddos to enjoy including:

PB & J Sushi

Nutella Sushi

Fruit skewers

Rice Krispy treat sushi with Swedish fish, wrapped with a fruit rollup.

and of course fortune cookies!  The water bottles were dressed up too.

For the cake I decided to give myself a break and ordered a cake from Costco (which is very yummy by the way) and added paper characters to the top!

It was a beautiful day to play in the backyard and I had a few activities planned for the kiddos.  As they arrived, they got to work on coloring pages and decorate their very own shirken!

I made the shirkens out of white cardstock before the party (they would have been a little too hard for the kiddos to make at this age).  We used their decorated shirkens to play a fun game.

Destroy the bad guys!  I printed pictures of the Ninjago villians and taped them to plastic cups.  The boys used their shirkens to “destroy” the bad guys!

Here is V “destroying” the bad guys!  They had fun with this game.  Next up was….

Dad as Sensei Wu!!  And a Round of Sensei Wu (or Sensei Dad) Says!

Each kiddos got a bamboo staff.  This was fun to watch!  And the final game was a Ninja training course!

There were 6 obstacles the kids had to get through to earn their Ninja certificate!  1.  Spinjitzu on the trampoline (spin 3 x) 2. Pool Noodle hurdles  3. Swing 10x  4.  Wall Climb  5.  Slide of doom   6. Snake Path (they had to walk on a stone path and jump over “snakes” (plastic ones of course).  The boys had a lot of fun!!

All of the ninjas with Sensei Dad!

The birthday boy had a great time! And all of the little ninjas went home with a fun pack of goodies.

I used my silhouette to cut out the heat transfer names for the shirts – aren’t we cute!

Happy 6th Birthday to our favorite 6 year old Ninja!!  Thanks for checking out V’s Ninjago party!  These printables won’t be going into my shop but if you are interested in your own Ninjago party – email me!!

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