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November Stuffie of the Month – ahhh a Zombie Bear!

November 25, 2014

Time for the November Stuffie of the Month!  As promised I made a Zombie Bear!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!  Run for your lives!!!!

zombie bear title page

hehe! JK!  Seriously this guy is creepy but creepy cute!  My kids think he’s pretty cool.  This creepy cute Zombie Bear pattern is from DIY Fluffies.  The details are really fun on this bear.  Lots of scars, a bone arm and removeable intestines!

zombie bear front 2

The sewing construction of the Zombie Bear was pretty easy  – actually I would say the hardest part of the whole project was cutting out all of the little pieces.  The scars especially were challenging.

zombie bear face close up

The nose is a stuffed piece that is hand sewn to the front of the bear.  It gives it a lot of character.

zombie bear back

The back of the bear has a cute little tail and a scar that extends from the front, as well as the green patch.

zombie bear tummy guts close up

My kids’ favorite part is the open belly stuffed full of pink intestines.  That are fully removeable!

zombie bear guts out

And like real intestines they are really long!  Here is a fun gif showing how the guts work!

zombie bear guts

The finished Zombie Bear is a good size too – totally cuddleable!  I think my nephew is going to love him!

zombie bear with o

To recap my thoughts on this pattern:

  • Cute finished stuffie (CHECK, Creepy Cute!)
  • Straightforward construction (CHECK)  The instructions had color drawings of most steps and was easy to follow.  The cutting of all of the tiny/complex pieces really took the longest time of the entire project.
  • Pattern layout easy to read.  (CHECK)  Full size patterns are included, you just need to tape together the pages and add a seam allowance to the pieces cut from fleece.  The felt appliqued pieces could be cut with the pattern lines.
  • Full size patterns provided. (CHECK)

Things I learned:

  • There are some very creative stuffie pattern designers out there – really who thinks of a Zombie Bear! =)
  • Having an interactive element to the stuffie makes it really engaging with kids and adults alike!
  • A good pair of scissors makes all the difference when cutting tiny little pieces or intricate detail!

Thanks for checking out my November Stuffie of the Month and make sure to check out DIY Fluffies.  They have a lot of cute stuffed animal patterns and kits.

Up next month is my LAST Stuffie of the Month project!  I will be making a cute snowman from Melly & Me.

melly and me snowman

I am planning on getting it done early in December so it can be part of my holiday decorations this year!  I have a bit of a snowman theme, so he will fit right in!

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