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O’s first lost tooth – Tooth Fairy Receipt – Free printable

March 10, 2015

After what seemed like months, Miss O finally lost her first tooth!

lost tooth

Yes the big one is right there to take the baby tooth’s place!  Isn’t she so cute!

lost tooth 2

She was scared about the pulling part, but she was estatic when it finally came out and she realized the tooth fairy would be coming!  After figuring out how much the first tooth is worth, I made a fun little note/receipt from the Tooth Fairy to go with the cash and tucked it into her Tooth Fairy Pillow, check it out HERE.

tooth fairy receipt olive first tooth 2-16-+15

I rolled up this little note, tied it with the ribbon and tucked it into the tooth fairy pillows mouth.  It was pretty cute, I am bummed I didn’t get a picture!  Since it’s so cute, I wanted to share with you – just to make the tooth fairy’s next visit a little cuter and easier!  In 3 fun colors!!

tooth fairy receipt blank pink

jenirodesigns tooth fairy receipt printable pink

tooth fairy receipt blank blue

jenirodesigns tooth fairy receipt printable free blue

tooth fairy receipt blank green

jenirodesigns tooth fairy receipt printable green


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