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Party Decorating Tools I can’t live without!

February 12, 2021

Today I am sharing my must have party decorating tools! In my opinion they are all must haves in your party decorating tool box! Some are obvious but a few you may not have thought of! I have amazon links for shopping ease but obviously some of these things can be picked up at any big box store.

What is in my Party Decorating Tool box?

The Basics:

push pins party decorating tools

Clear Push Pins

If you don’t have any issue with putting little holes in your walls, these are a lifesaver.

packing tape party decorating tools

Packing tape

This can be used instead of push pins if you don’t want little holes left behind. And its a necessity for water bottle label prep!

blue painters tape party decorating tools

Blue Painters Tape

I use this for my Pin the X party games – game pieces. The tape comes off the poster so you can save it!

scissors party decorating tools


And I mean Good Scissors! Fiskars are my fav – but just make sure they are only used for one purpose – paper only.

double sided tape

Double Sided tape

A must when making cupcake toppers using printable party circles.

Fancier tools/Supplies:

colored bakers twine party decorating tools

Colored Bakers twine

I love using this to string together my printable banners. You can use plain string or ribbon as well – this is just fun and comes in a ton of colors.

flat wood sticks party decorating tools

Flat wood sticks

These are perfect for turning party circles into cupcake toppers! Here is the tutorial how to do it.

circle punch

2″ Circle punch

This tool is higher priced ($20 – $30), but in my opinion worth every penny!! Perfect party circles every time!

electric balloon pump party decorating tools

Electric Balloon pump

I only just recently got one of these – but OMGee why didn’t I get it sooner! Balloons blown up in seconds.

balloon tape

Balloon tape/dots

A recent discovery but its so cool. Create balloon banners/displays easily. I love the balloon banners I did for O’s Pikmi Pop Birthday party using this balloon tape.

With the right party decorating tools the process of decorating becomes more fun than work! Happy decorating!

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