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Socially Distant Halloween Parade!

October 24, 2020

socially distant halloween parade

For the past few years our elementary school has been having a Trunk or Treat before Halloween! It’s a fun event that raises a little money and is a blast for the kids. This year due to Covid we had to cancel the Trunk or Treat but we didn’t want to miss out on celebrating with the kiddos – so the PTO organized a socially distant Halloween parade!

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socially distant halloween parade

I designed this fun graphic for our Facebook event page where we asked families to RSVP mainly so we could get a better count for how much candy we needed. We also asked the parents to donate bags of candy, pumpkins and quart baggies to keep this a no cost event – for PTO and for parents (other than donations).

We put together over 200 bags of candy for the event.

socially distant halloween parade

I created a printable bag topper that we attached to the top of the goodie bags.

socially distant halloween parade

Our teachers and admin staff stood by pumpkins lining the outside perimeter of the parking lot dressed up in Halloween costumes and festive attire. The staff waved at the kiddos as the cars drove through the socially distant Halloween parade. Some cars were decked out!

I waved and passed out candy with my fellow PTO moms. My kiddos dressed as their favorite Animal Crossing New Horizons characters (Lolly and Punchy). Our dog Chip got to enjoy the parade as well!

socially distant halloween parade

The kiddos seemed to love seeing all of their teachers dressed up and were thrilled when the got the bag of candy.

It was a great evening! We barely had enough candy and we think there were probably 75-80 cars in the parade! So happy we could do something safe to celebrate with the kiddos this year!

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