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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Birthday Party – Part I Decor & Food

October 18, 2016

My son’s preschool friend is a major Star Wars fan – so of course I had to help his Mom throw the most epic Star Wars party ever!!  He told us his favorite characters were Kylo Ren, Rey and Poe Dameron so I focused on the characters in the newest movie in the Star Wars universe – The Force Awakens.  I designed a version of this awesome invite to send out to his friends.


They have an amazing party space in their garage and we really wanted to darken the space and transform it into a space worthy of Star Wars.


And I think we accomplished that!  We painting 9ft. sections of black paper with white dots to create a “star” effect.  My friend and husband hung up the paper at one end of the garage creating an amazing activity space for the party.  A stand up Kylo Ren and BB8 as well as an awesome custom Star Wars crawl poster gave it an extra cool punch.


I designed the poster with text written by the birthday boy’s mom and had it printed at Staples as an engineering print – 3′ x 6′.  It was really cool and something that I think he will appreciate more when he looks back at these pictures.


Here is another picture of the space – it was just so cool!


Also in the activity corner was a Pin the Eye on BB8 game that I designed.


Another cool touch were the balloons on the ceiling.  My friend blew up over 200 balloons that filled the garage ceiling and added to the ambiance.


A fun sign was out to greet guests when they arrived and to direct them to the party.


The personalized printable welcome sign welcomed everyone to the party space.


Here is the whole party space from the entrance.


The printable birthday banner hung over the cake and food table.


I created a fun paper banner in addition to the printable banner.


Here is a better picture of the cake and cupcakes for the birthday treat.  The cake and cupcakes were made by a local bakery.  We found the Kylo Ren cupcake stands on Amazon.


The party was around dinner time so we served lightside pb& js, Darkside pb&honey sandwiches, pretzel lightsabers, Free Han Solo Jello, Pizza and a few dips with chips.


The water bottles were dressed up and were served alongside chocolate milk for the kiddos, and beer and wine for the adults.


The kids got to decorate their own pool noodle lightsaber.  You will see them in action in my next post.


Jedi costumes were ready for the little jedis as the party favor.


The certificates were ready for when the Jedis completed their training.  An amazing set up for a fabulous 5th birthday party!  Don’t miss all the Jedi games and fun in Part II, check it out here!

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