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Race Car “Hot Wheels” Birthday – Games & Cake

October 12, 2016

Thanks for coming back to see the 2nd part of our Hot Wheels Birthday party!  If you missed the first part – you can check it out here!


Since we had to move the party inside, it was a bit chaotic, but they had a blast.  Here is a glimpse of the chaos!


The first game we played was my go to party game, Pin the Tire on the race car!  This printable game is easy to print and put together and is available in my shop!


Always a fun part of the party!


Then we played Tire Toss!  The boys tossed bean bags I made with checkered flag material into 3 blow up tires.


Then we had Vance’s Gran Prix!  The boys each picked a car to race, they gave their car a name and then I wrote down the car names on the bracket and the races began!


I attached two tracks to a pool noodle and the boys raced their cars down the slope.  They had a lot of fun!  Of course everyone was a winner and they all got cute little trophies.


Our last activity before cake was the Race Car Pinata!  Our ceilings were too tall to hang the pinata from, but nothing a tall Daddy can’t fix!


It took 2 rounds of pulls before the candy came out, but there was plenty for all!


For the cake, I tried my hand at fondant.  While my master plan failed I did managed to salvage some and create a pretty cute cake.  They birthday boy loved it.



The cake was 4 layers colored in the spirit of Team Hot Wheels – Green, Blue, Yellow and Red.


From this picture, I can safely say the cake was a hit!  I love this one!


And of course a family pic!  Happy 5th Birthday V!  You are one awesome dude!


And one last thing – have to brag about my kid’s outfits!  Super cute cars knit and panels I got from a custom fabric group on Facebook (MK Designs).  A Violet Tunic for her and a Grand Slam tee for him.  Patterns by PeekaBoo Pattern shop.

Thanks for checking out this party!  All printables will be in my shop soon!  Local to the Seattle area, I would love to help with your child’s party, contact me!

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