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It’s time for my last Stuffie of the Month – a fun Snowman from Melly & Me. This cutie is made all out of cotton, so I got to use some fun prints. Button eyes and a sparkly felt nose. Side view of the snowman. I followed the optional directions in the pattern to make…

December Stuffie of the Month – A Snowman!

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stuffed animals, Stuffie a month series

December 29, 2014

Time for the November Stuffie of the Month!  As promised I made a Zombie Bear!!!!  Ahhhhh!!!  Run for your lives!!!! hehe! JK!  Seriously this guy is creepy but creepy cute!  My kids think he’s pretty cool.  This creepy cute Zombie Bear pattern is from DIY Fluffies.  The details are really fun on this bear.  Lots of…

November Stuffie of the Month – ahhh a Zombie Bear!

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stuffed animals, Stuffie a month series

November 25, 2014

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