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10 Favorite Party Venues

October 25, 2019

A few months ago I wrote about Home Parties vs. Venue Parties, if you haven’t had a chance to read it – go HERE.  I proudly claimed that I prefer Home parties but wanted to expand a little on the Venue Party side and offer some ideas as to where you could have a party if you don’t want to host one at home! 

jeni ro tip:  These are ideas and information that I could find – always call or research your venue before finalizing your party plans!

Some of these I have planned, some I have attended a party at.  Here is a list of my top 10 party venues!  BONUS for St. Louis area people – I have linked to local locations just for you!

1. A Local Park

We had Olive’s 3rd birthday party at a park, see that fun party HERE!  For summer/spring birthday especially, parks are a great option!  You can usually reserve a covered space through your local city office or parks department – for a low fee or even FREE for some parks!
In the St. Louis area:  Check out the St. Louis County Parks page!

2. Bounce House or Kid’s Gym

While I haven’t hosted a party at a bounce house/kids gym, we have attended several birthday parties at these locations and my kids always have a blast!  They have easy birthday packages that include play time and party time in a designated room.  Costs can start about $150 and range up based on number of kids.
In the St. Louis area:  Check out BounceU or MyGym for the littlest ones.

3. Community Center

Many city community centers have great spaces for parties.  For my son’s 2nd birthday we invited a few of his little friends to the community center toddler time to play and have cupcakes.  It was simple but very fun!  Other ideas are your local YMCA, Jewish Community Center, etc.

4. Neighborhood Pool or Lake

In our old neighborhood in the Seattle area – we had a beach park available to use on Lake Sammamish.  We had Olive’s 2nd birthday and 6th birthday parties there – check them out! We planned the parties early in the day and we had the whole place to ourselves.  Here in the St. Louis area our community has a pool so we will plan a party there in their future! 
Bonus:  There is usually no extra cost associated with this location (other than your homeowner’s dues).

5. Trampoline/Ninja Place

We have attended several parties at trampoline or ninja gyms and of course the kids lot it. For our going away party we invited our friends to play at a place called Flying Circus in Seattle. It was a huge trampoline/ninja play place. It was a fun way to see all of our friends before moving out of state! Party packages range from $300 and up.
In the St. Louis area:  Check out Flying Spider or Ultimate Ninjas.

6.  Rock Climbing/Sports Facility

Rock Climbing, Laser Tag, Gymnastics – these are all so much fun to do at a birthday party – and there are so many options when it comes to these types of venues! Like the other venues – parties generally have play time and party time in a room included in the package. Pricing starts at about $199. In the St. Louis area: Check out Upper Limits, Hi-Nrg and Sports Fusion

7. Kid Themed Restaurant

Who doesn’t love a Chuck E Cheese birthday – or at least what KID doesn’t! Along with Chuck E Cheese – other kid friendly restaurant ideas are: Red Robin, RainForest Cafe, Dave & Busters and even McDonald’s! Just google kid friendly restaurants in your town!

8. Pottery or Art Painting Place

Places were you can do guided painting either on a canvas, wood sign or pottery are becoming more popular. Hosting a party here with a few of your child’s friends can be a really fun time – especially for the older kiddos! In the St. Louis area: Check out The Painting Spot, AR Workshop, Mommy’s Design Farm and Pinots Palette.

9. Zoo or Animal Adventure place

I am actually surprised we haven’t had a party at a zoo or animal place – since my daughter is a total animal lover. We have been to one there and did a Girl Scout night at a zoo – both a blast! Check out packages at your local zoo or wildlife center. In the St. Louis area: Check out St. Louis Zoo, World Bird Sanctuary, Endangered Wolf Center, Butterfly House.

10. Science Center or STEM location

We had O’s 4th and V’s 2nd Birthday party at our local science center in Seattle. They both loved bugs at the time and the Seattle Science Center had an awesome Butterfly house and even a bug themed party program. They let me decorate the room and I brought in favors for the kiddos. The science center provided the cake and the entertainment as well as admission for everyone into the center after the party! It was so much fun! Olive got to make ice cream with dry ice! In the St. Louis are: Of course the St. Louis Science Center would be fabulous!

I hope these ideas help when planning your next party venue! And don’t be afraid to ask if you can decorate the party room a little – a fun printable banner will spice up any boring room – and can even be taped to a front of a cabinet or table!

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