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Custom Poodles to Canada!

December 23, 2014

The blog has been rather quiet this month because I have been busy busy busy!  One project that I completed was a pair of custom poodles.  I got the request from a woman in Canada that saw the poodle I made for a friend, blogged HERE.  She wanted a brown and a black poodle to look like her sister’s poodles as a Christmas gift.  I think they turned out pretty adorable!

poodles front 2

The brown poodle is Bella.  Here are some pretty pictures of her!

bella front

bella up close

bella side view

bella name tag

Custom name tag!

bella front view

Here is her brother Baxter!  A black and gray poodle!

baxter front

baxter side view 2

baxter side view

baxter name tag

baxter side view 3

It was fun to create these two cuties and the customer was thrilled!  Yay!!

poodles faces up close

jeni signature blue

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