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O’s Kindergarten class’ school auction project

January 22, 2015

I am one of the Art Docent’s for my daughter’s kindergarten class this year.  So yeah I am the “Art Mom”.  On top of the art lessons we do with the kids throughout the year, this year we also have a school auction.  This is a huge fundraiser where the PTA needs to raise enough money to cover all of the programs at the school for the next 2 years.  Each class is asked to do an art project with the kids that could be sold at auction.  So it has to be something that someone would actually want to buy!  Since I do sew, I offered to make a quilt with drawings by the kids as the project!  Here is our final project that will be bid on by parents at the end of Feb!

sunset quilt front 2

Along with another Mom, we picked out floral fabrics in the school colors – which are dark blue and light blue.  Since the fabric was floral, we asked the kids to draw a picture of something that they would see in nature, or their favorite thing in nature.  The drawings were done just before Christmas, so that was on some of the little ones minds! =)  They each signed their drawing as well with the fabric markers.  The hand in the middle is from our blind classmate, she signed her name in braille with puffy paint.

sunset quilt corner close up

I used a snowball block for the inside squares and bordered it with a small white border and then a blue on blue leave print.  The quilt is bound in the same fabric as the diamonds in the body of the quilt.

sunset quilt back

The backing is a geometric print – light blue on white, a little more modern.

sunset quilt back detail

I quilted the quilt in the ditches and essentially traced the octagons.  You can see the quilting pretty well on the back.  I think it turned out nice and am excited to see how much money it will bring in at auction!!  Go Sockeyes!!


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