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Party Favor ideas for School-age kids

June 9, 2022

It’s the big kid’s turn!  Here are some ideas for Party favors for school-age kids.  If you missed the younger ages, you can find them here:  Babies to 2 years old, Pre-school 3 to 5 years old

As a reminder these are the 4 guidelines I follow when choosing party favors:

  1. Economical (no need to blow the whole budget on the favors)
  2. Coordinates with the party theme (of course!)
  3. Useful (can be used for a while or at least a few days after the party)
  4. Fun for the kiddo!

Thanks for being so patient, let’s get to the good stuff.  5 fun ideas for party favors for school-age kids, ages 6 to 10.

Reusable cups filled with candy

Reusable cups can be found to match the theme (at the party store usually) or in a particular color.  Filled with candy they are a fun little favor.  If you want you can go an extra step and personalize them too. Here are some cool cups from Amazon.

Party favors for school-age kids cups

Erasers/Smelly pencils

Cute erasers that look like anything other than erasers are popular with this crew, and anything smelly of course.  Smencils are always a hit!


Vinyl stickers are fun and you see them on everything these days – water bottles, notebooks, and even laptops.  They come in all kinds of themes too, an Amazon search will bring back so many options.

Party favors for school-age kids stickers

Fidget toys

So many options when it comes to fidget toys.  These were just one of the so many options on Amazon.  A little searching and you can probably match your theme.  Or go with a squishy ball or funny fidget slug (seriously they make them!)

Party favors for school-age kids fidget poppers

Blind bags/card packs

I think there might be a blind bag for just about every toy out there.  Lego minifigs are awesome of course, but there are options from Minecraft to Barbie.  Just cruise down the toys aisles at Target and you are sure to find them, generally around $5 each.

Party favors for school-age kids blind bag

Party tip:  Choose one of the ideas above and pop it in a clear goody bag or paper goody bag with some candy and a printable favor tag – and WOW a memorable party favor for school-age kids.

Hope these ideas give you a place to start your party favor planning! Coming next month – Party favor ideas for Tweens/Teens!

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