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Party Tip: Decorating at a Party Venue

August 24, 2022

Let’s chat about decorating at a party venue! 

My number one tip on this topic is to make sure you CALL and TALK to the venue (manager or whoever is in charge of kid’s parties).  Ask them these questions if they haven’t been answered in their FAQs, etc.:

  1. Can we bring decorations/decorate the party space?  If yes, what are the rules – (ie no thumb tacks, tape only, etc)
  2. Can we bring balloons?
  3. Can we bring in cake and/or food?  Most places provide pizza in their package or make you purchase it from them for an additional cost. 
  4. Ask to see pictures of the party space so you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Decorations to bring to the venue

If you get the all-clear from the venue – the easiest things to bring for decorating at a party venue are –a banner, balloons, and table decorations.


Make sure you have painter’s tape, clear packing tape and/or scotch tape to hang up the banner.  Placing the banner on the wall above the space where the cake/food will be is best.  Or hang it in a place that is central to the room/where the kids will be seated when it’s food/cake time.

The birthday party above was at a local fire station.  My sister hung the banner I sent her above the food table.


Balloons are an easy and fun decoration to bring.  You can set them on the table or the floor to add to the fun.

Table decorations

Bringing centerpieces that go with your theme is another fun idea.  For my kid’s bug birthday party we brought buckets and put butterfly nets in them as centerpieces.  The kids got to take the butterfly nets home as a favor.

Other printable décor and ideas

Bringing dressed-up water bottles and party circles (cut out as confetti or made into toppers) will add to the décor as well. 

If you have the time, you can put up paper streamers to be a little extra.

Truly just adding a personalized banner to the party venue space will add a bit more magic to your celebration.

Trying to decide between having the party at home or a venue?  Check out this blog post where I go through the pros and cons of having a party at home vs. a venue.

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