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Puppy & Pony Crocheted hats

February 6, 2014

I have been sewing a lot lately which I really love, but I also like to crochet, and sometime when my sewing projects get overwhelming I crave the crochet hook!  After I finished my Christmas sewing projects last year (just before Christmas), I finally got to a few crochet projects I had been wanting to do. New hats for my kiddos!

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I made them these monster hats monster hats 2011 a few years ago for my son’s 1st birthday party and they are so cozy and stretchy that they still fit.

But they both have favorite things now a days and I wanted to make them cute and warm hats that fit what they liked now, now that they are 2 and 4!  My son loves all things cars, but he also loves turtles and puppies!

puppy hat 2 So I made him the cutest puppy hat using THIS pattern from Repeat Crafter Me, she has the cutest FREE crochet hat patterns!  I didn’t make any changes except went up a hook size since I tend to crochet really tight that my hats always end up too small (still working on crochet sizing).

puppy hat 1 I know he is adorable!!  =)  And extra adorable in that hat!

puppy hat 5 Love the character hats where it looks like there is a cute little puppy playing in your back yard!

puppy hat 3 Okay one more of V!

puppy hat 4

If you have been reading my blog for a little bit, you probably know that my daughter is crazy about all things My Little Pony and I have done quite a bit of MLP sewing, etc. – case in point HERE and HERE, oh and HERE! But I had yet to crochet anything MLP!  I am kinda proud of this adorable Rainbow Dash hat!

rainbow dash hat 1 I used 2 different patterns and bit of my own design for this hat. I used the base helmet from the puppy pattern by Repeat Crafter Me, I love how this pattern is a double crochet and so quick to make up!

rainbow dash hat 2 For the eyes (with minor modifications) and the ears, I used THIS Unicorn hat pattern by BriAbby that I bought on etsy.  The pattern is really cute and I do want to make the curly hair version someday, but I had my heart set on making her Rainbow Dash which is her favorite pony.  For the eyes I changed the shape to a round eye vs an almond shape since Rainbow’s eyes are well, round!

rainbow dash hat 3 Since Rainbow Dash does not have curly hair, I just went for it and came up with my own design for the hair and I think it turned out great!

rainbow dash hat 5 The hat is a tad big on O (there I go again with my awful crochet sizing) but that just means she will be able to wear it longer!  Is that Rainbow Dash digging for treasures in my back yard? hehe

rainbow dash 6 We haven’t had quite the frigid weather that most of the country has had this winter but we have had a few cold snaps, today being one of them, that the kids are getting to wear there hats a bit.  I kinda love them (the hats and the kids)!

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