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Today I wanted to show you what I think are the best Party store finds!  Here are the must gets from the party store when planning a party! Plastic tablecloths These are inexpensive and are nice quality for a plastic tablecloth.  They come in so many colors, so you are bound to find one that…

Party Store Finds: 5 things to buy at the Party Store

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May 18, 2021

Let me tell you all about Printable Party Circles! They are one type of party printable that is used in many different ways. And they are just so cute! The most popular way to use printable party circles is to turn them into cupcake toppers!  You don’t need to be intimidated, it’s a pretty easy process,…

All about Printable Party Circles!

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Party printables, Tips and tricks

May 7, 2021

Even at a kid’s party, sometimes it’s all about the food!  Here are some tips for planning party food that will be a hit with the birthday kiddo and their guests.** What to serve For me planning party food always revolves around the party theme!  Once the theme is decided, I like to brainstorm kid-friendly…

Tips for Planning Party Food

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Tips and tricks

April 9, 2021

Today I am sharing my must have party decorating tools! In my opinion they are all must haves in your party decorating tool box! Some are obvious but a few you may not have thought of! I have amazon links for shopping ease but obviously some of these things can be picked up at any…

Party Decorating Tools I can’t live without!

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party decor, Tips and tricks

February 12, 2021

Creating a really fun party space starts with a party backdrop! A place where the cake, food and gifts can be displayed and become the center of the party! The gallery above is a round up of some of my favorite party backdrops that I have created over the years! You can see more pictures…

5 Easy steps to create an awesome party backdrop!

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party decor, Party printables, Tips and tricks

February 11, 2021

Celebrating a birthday around a holiday can be a challenge, so here are a few tips to make it a little easier! My nephew was born on Christmas Eve.  It made that Christmas extra exciting (and a bit stressful) and my sister was wrought with Mommy guilt.  Guilt that her older son was missing out…

Tips for Celebrating a Birthday around a holiday!

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Tips and tricks

December 17, 2020

Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful. To be an awesome gifter, it just takes a little forethought! Here are a few questions to think about (or maybe even ask them) before picking out that next gift! What colors do you notice them wearing a lot?  Do you know their favorite color? Use that color…

Tips on How to be the Best Gift Giver!

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Tips and tricks

December 7, 2020

Gifts are my love language! I love giving gifts that the recipient will actually like and what’s more fun than matching the gift to the birthday theme! Here are a few Birthday Gift Ideas that are all under $20 and match a popular birthday theme for you to consider! *Amazon affiliate links are included in…

Birthday gift ideas under $20 by theme!

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birthday gifts, Tips and tricks

November 23, 2020

One of the benefits of purchasing a printable digital holiday card is that you can email it as well as printing and mailing it! Here is a quick tutorial on how to do it! Step 1: Open/Compose a new message. Like normal, easy peasy. Step 2: Click the ” Insert pictures inline” or “insert photo”…

How to email your printable digital holiday card!

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Tips and tricks, tutorial

November 12, 2020

My kids have been doing virtual school since August and while it’s not perfect, it’s been going well. My sister’s 5 year old was supposed to start kindergarten this year but instead is now being homeschooled by Nana (my Mom). So while helping her figure out the best resources for a kindergartener, I ran across…

Fun Homeschool/Virtual Printables roundup with a FREEbie!

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free printables, Tips and tricks

October 21, 2020

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