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More Outdoor Party Games!

July 31, 2020

With nice weather and the need to social distance due to Covid 19 – if you are going to have a birthday party this year – it’s likely to be outdoors! Here is an updated list of Outdoor Party Games, to expand on the list of Outdoor Party Game ideas that I posted last year!

outdoor party games

Along with ideas like Obstacle courses, Toss games, Box car races, Simon Says, Car Races and of course Pin the Tail style games that I talked about in THIS post, here are NINE more fun Outdoor Party game/activity ideas!

1. Scavenger Hunts

beach shell hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for the kids and can be easy to plan for any theme. For my daughter’s Mermaid Party we did a hunt for shells on the beach. It can be a free for all hunt or a strategic clued hunt – you can make it as easy or as complicated as you like!

2. Yardzee or another outdoor packaged game


There are some fun large or oversized outdoor games on the market now. I got this cool Yardzee (Yahtzee for your Yard – haha!) from a local crafter. I have also seen large connect four games and twister as well! Just do a quick google search you are sure to find something fun!

3. Pinatas


Pinatas are always fun – if not a little crazy! We have had pinatas at several parties – for O’s My Little Pony playdate I made the pinata myself with paper bags using this tutorial – but of course you can find all kinds of pinatas at party stores an on the web. Party TIP: Be prepared with little baggies for each of the kiddos to store their loot.

4. Freeze Game

freeze game

This classic playground game is perfect for an outdoor party! And its even better if Elsa is the one doing the freezing! We had a blast with this one at O’s Princess party!

5. Ball Pit

ball pit

Ball pits are fun especially for the really little ones – and might not be the best idea during Covid – unless its only your immediate family. But it’s worth adding to the list. For a toddler party, just get a cheap kiddie pool and a package of colorful balls on amazon and its a ball pit!! We had this out at the park for O’s 2nd birthday party!

6. Story time

story time

Story Time is an easy idea and great for littles as well! Elsa read her story to the girls at O’s Princess party – but a parent could read another related story or tell a story to the kiddos!

7. Science experiment!

science experiment potions

Outside is also a great place to do a science experiment! If you make a mess you won’t mess up your house! For my friend’s son’s Lego Harry Potter party – his Dad did a potion mixing activity with the kiddos. We have also done rockets and other science things!

8. Painting

painting party

Another messy activity that is best done outside – Painting!! For O’s Beanie Boo Painting party the girls painted on their own canvas outside on our deck. You could get really messy and go all Jackson Pollock and do some paint throwing on canvas or paper in the yard too – that sounds like fun to me!

9. Dance Party

paw patrol party game

Who doesn’t love a dance party! While dance parties are fun anywhere – you can totally take them outside too! For V’s Paw Patrol party we did a Pup Pup Boogie game with a spinner – but it pretty much just turned into the kiddos dancing to some music. Just bring your Amazon or Google speaker outside or stream it from your phone!

outdoor party games

And there you have 9 More Outdoor Party games/activity ideas to help in your party planning playing! Have fun!

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