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Party Tip! All about Party Games

November 3, 2022

I am finding that as my kiddos get older the birthday parties are still fun but definitely changing.  They don’t need as much direction from me to have a blast with their friends, but having party games planned and ready is still helpful – and absolutely crucial for the younger ages.

Over the years I have done several round-ups of party game ideas for both indoors and outdoors.  You can see them HERE, HERE, and HERE. Be sure to check them out – so many great ideas!

Today I wanted to add a few more to the idea list that might appeal to older kiddos and revisit my favorite idea!

Plastic wrap ball game

This one is a blast and can get crazy!!!  There is some setup but it’s not too hard – grab a roll of plastic wrap and some candy or trinkets or money!  Create a huge ball of plastic wrap and bury the goodies a few feet apart.

To play – one person unwraps while the next person rolls dice.  Once the dice roller gets doubles, the ball passes to the dice roller and the dice go to the next person.  The unwrapper gets to keep any goodies uncovered during their turn.

This is fun for a variety of ages but the little ones may need some help.  We did this one holiday with the cousins and it got crazy! The video above is a short clip of the game – Olive really took it seriously.

Punch Pinata

party games punch pinata
Pic from Made with Happy

I have never created one of these before but this tutorial from Made with Happy makes it seem pretty easy.  You can change the colors to match your theme and the prizes to match the ages of the kiddos.

Minute to Win it-style party games

party games minute to win it games
Photo Credit: Happy Mom Hacks

Fun little challenges that you have to do in a minute! You can find so many games that fit into this category – this post from The Pragmatic Parent has some great ones that work for the whole family.

Escape Room puzzles/adventure

party games escape room
Pic from

Escape rooms have been popular for a while and this could be a big planning project or made simple.  This post from Hands On Teaching Ideas has a lot of ideas, or you can find a printable Escape room kit online, this one looks like fun!  It really can be as big or small as you want.

Pin the X party games

Yes, I have to include this one – not only because I sell printable Pin the X games for most of my themes and make custom games – it’s because they really are fun and an easy party game to include in your planning!   

Check out THIS POST that shows you all the awesomeness of Pin the X games, and an adorable video of 3-year-old Vance cheating while playing his Pin the Tire on the Monster Truck game – haha!

Hope these ideas help with your party planning!  Need help with planning or creating custom party games and printables for your kiddo – just shoot me a message – I would love to help!

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