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Princess dresses in the wild – at Disneyland!

May 9, 2014

So we are back from our fun (and HOT!) vacation at Disneyland and California Adventure!  It was definitely work pushing 2 kiddos around those parks all day, but we had fun! Miss O wore all 7 of her princess dresses and I have a picture of each of them!  Now I can’t say they are the best pictures in the world, but still they are pictures of her wearing the dresses – at Disneyland!!  If you missed my first posts about the dresses, you can see them HERE and HERE.

The first day of vacation, our travel day to California – Miss O wore her Snow White dress!  Several people in the airport (mostly airline employees) commented on her dress.  They knew where we were heading!

snow white dress on o

Day 2 – First day at Disneyland, she wore her Elsa dress!  We were hoping to meet Anna & Elsa that first day but alas at opening (even an hour early before the park officially opened) the line was 4 hours long.  We decided to skip it and see if we could see them later in our trip… but the line never got shorter than 2 hours and O was NOT loving the waiting in line.  She did get to see Anna & Elsa in passing as they exited the park after their “shift” – so at least she saw them and got a wave.  That satisfied her, but Mommy was a little bummed we missed meeting them.  Oh well, next time!

elsa dress on o

The best picture of the Elsa dress actually came when Miss O met Merida!  While O was wearing the Elsa dress, we got the sweetest compliment from a lady passing by – she said that it was the most beautiful dress she had seen yet!  My husband scolded me for not having my business cards on hand to pass out to anyone who asked if I had made the dress.

Day 3 – She wore her Ariel dress since we had lunch reservations at Ariel’s Grotto and we knew we were going to meet her!

ariel dress on o with ariel

Miss O also got to meet Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and Belle at the lunch.  The best picture of the Ariel dress actually was with Cinderella!

ariel dress on o with cinderella

Day 4 – She wore the Jasmine dress. Days 3 and 4 were the hottest (90s people, we are used to 60s) – so the flutter sleeves were definitely better on these days.  She didn’t get to meet Jasmine, but we did see her in the Aladdin show (which was amazing)!  I got this cute pic of O in her Jasmine dress while waiting in line for the Winnie the Pooh ride.  Yep, she got an Elsa/Anna doll!

jasmine dress on o

Day 5 – She wore the Rapunzel dress!  This dress was the first one I made and it is absolutely darling on her!  On this day we ended up going back to the hotel to swim, so she only wore it for part of the day, but I got a good picture of her in it when she met Doc McStuffins!  She did get to meet Rapunzel but O was wearing her Jasmine dress at the time.

rapunzel dress on o

Day 6 – She wore her Tiana dress!  This dress also looked amazing on O – and we got several nice comments from strangers, who said it was a beautiful dress (even if they really didn’t know what princess she was).  However the cast members recognized it as a Tiana dress right away which made me feel good.  We didn’t get to meet Tiana (O was not interested in standing in another line – it was our last day in the parks) but we did get to see her in the parade.  I took some cute pictures of her in the Tiana dress in New Orleans square (appropriately) near the steamboat, while we waited for Daddy to finish riding a ride.

tiana dress on o

Our last day – another travel day – she wore her Aurora dress.  Since it was a travel day, I really only had my iphone out to get pictures and I got a really bad one of her while we were waiting in the airport.  By this time she had gone into tired silly mode.  Please excuse the crazy face!

aurora dress on o

We really did have a great time – and I had fun dressing up my kids in Disney inspired garb.  Miss O really did love wearing the princess dresses and preferred them to other clothing options, which made me happy!  She happily wore the dresses all week and didn’t complain (too much) about them, so I think they were comfortable enough.  They really were fun to make, I think I am going to have to finish her collection, since she told any stranger who would listen about the dresses I DID NOT make her!  Funny girl!

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