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2023 Quilt Makes Recap

January 9, 2024

Happy 2024!  Last year I featured my makes each month which were a mix of quilting and crochet projects.

I wanted to recap all of the quilts I made last because hey I am pretty impressed with myself! I know I couldn’t have done it without the knowledge and discounted use of a longarm machine courtesy of Trace Creek Quilting. I started working there early last year and have fallen in love with all things quilts.  Throughout 2023 I finished 27 quilts! (the compilation pic is missing the last few – oops)

Starting in January 2023 – I made this football quilt for my husband’s birthday.  See more pics and get pattern details HERE.

Then this cute quilt for my friend’s daughter.  Read all the details HERE.

Then a few quilts for my nephews.  More details HERE.

A few for some special ladies.  More details HERE.

And I managed to make myself a few.  More HERE.

And a few for Halloween, see more details HERE.

And then the big batch – Christmas!

I even managed to make 3 more (small ones) after I had finished the big Christmas quilt blog post.  I found some cute kits with dog and cat Christmas fabric – and used extra scraps from the microfleece blanket backings on all of the other Christmas quilts for the backs, for our dog and cat. 

Phoebe and Chip love theirs!

The last one was a quick one for me – Lilo of Trace Creek Quilting released the Corner Booth pattern at the end of the year last year and I had a few fabrics in my stash that were perfect for it.  It was a fast and fun project and it’s now my cute cozy lap blanket for my office through the holiday season.

Of course, I have a list of quilts to make this year as well – hoping I can get them done! It helps to work at a quilt studio! Thanks again Lilo and thanks to you all for reading!

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