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My Top 11 favorite posts of 2014

January 15, 2015

This year it was really challenging to choose just 10 favorite posts, so I picked 11!  I posted 91 times last year – 91 Woah!!  I am so proud of myself!  And so grateful for any and all of my readers.  My page views on the blog went from 875 in December 2013 to 6,126 in December 2014! That’s a 600% increase in page views from the previous year! Wow!

Numbers aside, here are my fav posts from 2014!  Just click on each picture to read the original post!

11. jeni ro nursery design – My son’s room.  I just love this room, well I love any room I design – but this one is special since it was the first nursery design that I made just about everything in it!  Enlisting some painting help from my sis, but all the soft goods I sewed (or crocheted) myself!


10.  Puppy & Pony Crocheted Hats!  These hats turned out so cute and the kids still wear them and get compliments.  And I guess you all liked them too because this post is my #1 viewed post!

puppy and pony hats title

9. Cuddle Lion Pillow Free pattern and tutorial for Shannon Fabrics.  This was my very first tutorial created for Shannon Fabrics.  I was so excited to be able to make something and share it with a larger audience via Shannon Fabric’s blog.  It was originally posted HERE on Shannon Fabric’s blog.  I reposted it a few months later on my blog just in case anyone missed it.  It’s a super cute project!


8. DIY Giant Lego bricks tutorial.  I did this tutorial (1 of the 8 tutorials I published in 2014) while I was planning and making for my friend’s son’s 5th birthday party – a Star Wars lego theme!  It was a fun party to work on, and I love the way these huge bricks turned out!  They actually still decorate my friend’s house today!

Giant Lego Bricks tutorial title image

7. Mr. V’s 3rd Monster Truck birthday party Part II – The fun and cake!  Planning my kids’ birthday parties last year was so much fun!  I loved all the details and projects leading up to the big day!  I actually had so much fun that party planning is going to be a big focus for my business in 2015!  Need a kid’s party planner?  Give me a call!  But for now, here is the 2nd post of V’s party – featuring the awesome cardboard Monster trucks I made!

v in blue cardboard truck

6. Princess dresses in the wild – At Disneyland.  This post kind of culminates all the work/projects I did leading up to our big Disneyland trip in 2014.  Seeing my little princess in her Mommy made princess dresses at Disneyland was a thrill!

elsa dress on o

5. Little Sis Wedding – Flower girl dresses.  My baby sisters wedding was in 2013 but it took me until 2014 to finally post the pictures from it.  This project was a huge undertaking for me, but I dove in and got it done, and they turned out adorable!!  Baby sis’ wedding was gorgeous and the little girls looked adorable!

girls 2

4. O’s Summer Wardrobe is complete!  This was a huge accomplishment for me last year.  I had been wanting to make more clothes for my kids and for O’s summer wardrobe I did just that.  She got good use out of everything all summer.  Hoping to beef up this year’s summer wardrobe with Mommy made for both kiddos!

Miss O's summer wardrobe 2014 collage cropped

3. Miss O looking gorgeous in her birthday dress!  The word gorgeous almost doesn’t say enough about O in her birthday dress I made (in my opinion).  Creating this Anna coronation dress was a labor of love but I am thrilled with how it turned out.  The addition of a professional updo and Anna is at the party!

o in anna coronation dress front full

2. Miss O’s 5th Birthday Princess Ball (Parts I, II and III)  I think I might have used my daughter’s 5th birthday princess party to fulfill my dreams of a princess party – but hey who can blame me!  It was so awesome and the princesses loved it!  Yes I am bragging!  And oops this is 3 posts but one subject so lets count it as 1. hehe

o 5th princess party balloon arch

o 5th princess party dessert table

o 5th princess party cake lighting with elsa

1. All of my Stuffie of the Month posts!  Ok so this is technically 11 posts but I could NOT choose just one!  I love this whole series and am so proud of myself for accomplishing it.  It not only fulfilled my goal of sewing from other designer’s stuffed animal patterns and gave me the confidence to release my own pattern, it also made me a much better stuffie sewer!!  Seriously I feel like I am so much better now than at the first of the year – Yay!  Here is recap photo of all of the stuffies of the month pattern reviews.  You can read each of them on my Stuffie of the Month pattern review page.

2014 stuffie of the month graphic complete

Thank you so much for reviewing my 2014 with my favorite posts, and for reading my blog!  It was hard work (hats off to the Mommas that post more than 2x a week!) but I am so proud of each one of them.  Hoping I can keep up this year as my focus shifts slightly to more bigger projects – of kids’ room and party design/planning!  I am hoping those bigger jobs will allow me to share loads of projects and tips for creating an awesome kid’s space or fabulous birthday party!  Hope you join me in 2015 for the ride!  It should be fun!

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